Big companies do "mass personalisation" well. A bit too well some might say.

Smaller organisations cannot afford to do this, and at the same time, tend to value a more authentic and personal relationship with their customers.

This relationship is often a key point of difference.

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In the middle of lockdown for COVID-19 here in Melbourne, where about the only way to shop was online we realised retailers, producers and many other businesses are in a customer relationship crisis.

How were they to maintain and nuture quality relationships when virtual commerce was the only type of commerce?

And post-lockdown, how would they still connect with a higher amount of consumers preferencing online commerce?

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With (lots) of time on our side, we challenged ourselves.

How could we make it easy for businesses to be authentic with their customers, in a way which is both memorable and cost-effective to do?

Because that's the key to earning customer loyalty and their repeat business.



We figured out how to make it easy for businesses to send personal, on-brand messages to their customers.

You can read up on all the features if you wish, but basically:

  • it connects to your existing apps

  • talking points are worked out for you, to minimise research time

  • videos are professionally branded

  • customers can watch them from any device with a web browser and internet connection

We're confident CX Video injects the EXPERIENCE into online commerce.

Feel free to try it, we're not charging until at least June 2021 to help businesses through COVID.


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