Big companies do "mass personalisation" well. A bit too well some might say.

Smaller organisations cannot afford to do this, and at the same time, tend to value a more authentic and personal relationship with their customers.

This relationship is often a key point of difference.


CX Video helps you build better customer relationships

Using the power of video we help you get your message across quickly to your customers.

Our platform enables you to send 1:1 video messages to your customers that are on-brand.

Use CX Video for:

* sending thank-you's after a cusotmer places an online order with you

* keeping in touch with customers you haven't seen for a while

* building trust with your new customers (such as patients if you're an allied health professional)

* ..and many more things, where authentic and genuine relationships matter

It's perfect for helping retailers form deeper and more genuine customer relationships, particularly those where the transaction is online.