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Accelerate New Business Growth

The cost per lead in professional services is often in the hundreds of dollars, and sometimes even thousands - sometimes a single cost per click can be over $100 - and that's before all the costs you have spent on your web site, marketing activities, and marketing tech.

Given every lead costs a lot, it's important to ensure every lead counts - at the same time studies show that prospects don't generally appreciate cold-calls, and often the people you want to connect with are the hardest to reach.

We help you to bridge the gap between marketing technology and a sales call, by warming up your prospects via video - to those people who you want to reach but are the hardest ones to get a hold of.

Re-Ignite Relationships

Businesses selling professional services know how important it is to generate repeat business from their customers - as the saying goes, it's far more cost effective to sell to an existing customer than a new one.

Many professional services businesses rely on relationships, and it's common these relationships suffer after projects have wrapped up and priorities change.

CX Video helps you re-ignite personal relationships with customers that have stalled over time, ensuring that even if your last piece of work was a long time ago, you're bringing your human element to the front and helping past customers re-engage with you.

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Create Delightful Service Experiences That Reduce Attrition

We all know poor service experiences frighten customers away, and in the case of B2B, a Zendesk survey found 66% of respondents did not make any further purchases.

Respondents in this same survey reported that good customer service was the most important factor impacting trust - and trust is what drives ongoing business relationships.

Using our connectors to Zendesk and other ticketing systems, you can ensure that even poor service experiences are turned into positive ones - resulting in higher customer retention and better bottom line results.


Our mobile app lets you create 1:1 customer videos in minutes, with zero time required to research and rehearse.

Our platform then brands and delivers them so your customers receive an amazing experience that makes them come back to you for more.


Works with what you already use

Connect Trello, Asana, Zoho, Xero and more easily to CX Video, with no fuss and no downtime.

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of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding which brands they like and choose to support.